I bode long enough for them to wriggle their itty-bitty boughs.
I watched them stumble away from me, their lips curled into a smile. … More Ten



The Clyde to my Bonnie, the sandbox to the toddler in me,
A beautiful friendship, much more than what they perceive. … More Sandbox


A juvenile dream buried in the dirt-covered cemetary,
They heard the squelch of the bones rising from the grimy gravestones.
Uncovering a secret so inconceivable,
She trudged down the debauched streets in the dingiest of nights. … More Secrets

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, she was wild as the wind, Drifting with the scathing gale, the bitter winters of her hometown, On the sunnier mornings, riding her fractured pink bike. Once upon a time, she believed she could conquer the world. She glowered at the familiar front-door from a distance, Wondering if she could return … More Once upon a time…