Girl in the shadow


I saw her at a distance,
An empty smile propped up on her dainty hands,
Holding her gaze,
Still as a rock.

I saw her eyes, her hopeful eyes,
Affixed on the blinking lights,
Wondering if she could ever dream again,
Live again, breathe again.

I marveled at the shriveled spark in her,
Seemingly familiar.
I delved through my mind,
Aimlessly trying to recall a memory of her.

I sensed her predicament, the anger in her eyes,
The agony pirouetting around her face,
The daze in her stance,
The longing to be undismayed.

I wondered why I felt just as she did,
Every jolt to her fragile heart,
Even the aching desire to escape,
I wondered in silence.

I recognized that she resented,
Rued the choice she had made.
She struggled to hold her dilemma in abeyance,
The eerie sound of his footsteps like devil music to her ears.

I faintly saw the wind caught in her hair,
The lines in her face straightening out,
As she shook off the nightmares, the horrifying images,
Of betrayal, of deception, of vulnerability in her desolation.

I saw her gaze sharpen,
Like a gleaming, whetted knife,
The fog suddenly clearing out,
I could finally see.

The reason why I felt her heart pounding in my chest,
The reason why I knew the rage brewing inside of her,
I knew that I had known all along, just feigned disbelief,
The girl in the shadow, with the spark in her eyes was me.




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