Something in the blue sky


There was something in the sheer pleasure,
The calm in the briny breeze.
She stared emptily,
Her gaze fading into nothingness.

Something in the thoughtlessness,
The lack of need to be perfect,
Her mind throwing caution to the wind,
Just as the tingle from the sand slipping from beneath her feet.

She remembers thinking,
Praying with every breath,
She wished she could stay there forever,
Still as the rock her head rested upon.

Something in the blue sky,
Evanescing into infinity,
She felt endlessly content,
Like she never thought she could.

As ephemeral as the shooting star,
As little the time she had may be,
She wished for her skin to melt into the ground,
Just so she could be as carefree.

~ Aishwarya


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