The sorceress

Her kinked finger over her twisted grin,
Her face leaning into my jagged breath,
Hissing inches away from my face,
Her bloodthirsty claws out, reaching for my neck. … More The sorceress


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, she was wild as the wind, Drifting with the scathing gale, the bitter winters of her hometown, On the sunnier mornings, riding her fractured pink bike. Once upon a time, she believed she could conquer the world. She glowered at the familiar front-door from a distance, Wondering if she could return … More Once upon a time…

Twenty years

Coddled and cosseted by her tender warmth, Twenty years and never a second spent feeling unloved. Time rolling away, drawing thousands of miles in between, Now, there is nothing he’d want more than that unremembered dream. ~Aishwarya

A mere touch…

Unnerved by a mere touch, breathing jaggedly against his frigid skin, Her fragile heart found a rhythm as she collapsed into his vicious hold. ~Aishwarya

Paper towns

Flipping through the pages of her incomplete journal, I wanted to walk through the meadows, her hand in mine. I felt a sense of comfort in her quest for absolution, Driving through her paper towns, the lifeless dreams she once had. She reminisced in her walk through the dimmer streets, The underhanded corners in her … More Paper towns