Relentlessly real


I wandered into a dark alley,
Caught a sly peek through the pleats in the satin,
My hands trying to reach out to the wind,
Guiding me through the wreckage I crashed into.

I spent years stumbling through,
Trying, with every drop of blood in me,
Trying to fit the pieces together,
Even when success seemed as distant as the stars.

I faltered, but rose,
Trying to salvage what I can,
But I drove away everything,
Every hand that reached out to me.

I wanted to say that I was a girl interrupted,
Troubled but not so far gone to be broken.
Without a patient ear in sight, or an open mind,
I had never felt as astray, walking in circles.

But I knew I could find my solid ground,
An anchor to hold my feet down when I can’t,
But you tugged a little harder than I hoped,
Shackling my ankles to your fallacies.

I knew rather well what was right,
But the lines between right and wrong seemed blurred.
But my heart still lies shattered amid the ruins,
Of my love so irreversible and relentlessly real.



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