A prisoner’s dream


I saw his marred face, I could almost feel the blows leading up to the scars,
For just a second, caught just a glimpse and I could hear the shackles clanking,
His eyes burned into my skin, his gaze bleeding rage,
I could sense his thoughts crawling up my back, clinging onto it for life.

He wanted an escape from his life sentence, the prison chaining the buoyancy of his personality,
The personality that they once fell in love with; his family; his friends,
They called him the life of the party, the diamond in the rough.
I riffled through the anger and saw a man willing to surrender.

He had hopes, the manacles weighing over his dream,
He fantasized of the day he’d hold his woman in his arms,
He longed to see anything but revulsion in his children’s eyes,
He hoped that someday, he’d dare more than to just dream…



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