Once upon a time…


Once upon a time, she was wild as the wind,
Drifting with the scathing gale, the bitter winters of her hometown,
On the sunnier mornings, riding her fractured pink bike.
Once upon a time, she believed she could conquer the world.

She glowered at the familiar front-door from a distance,
Wondering if she could return to the family she renounced,
To the house she abandoned when she believed she was destined for greatness,
She wondered, stumbling from pillar to post.

She mustered every bit of courage she had buried,
Summoned it to the overwrought lines on her face.
She traipsed towards the door, her possessions in one hand,
Her lumbered past tethered to the other.

Bashfully, she waited for the door to swing open,
Praying they’d miss her uninvited guest.
Hoping for acceptance from the ones who once mattered,
Wishing for their approval for once in her life.

Their eyes caught sight of his precious limbs reaching out to them,
His eyes blue as the ocean, his unsullied smile beautiful as the setting sun.
The wonder of his frangible hands wrapped around her mother’s thumb,
One look, and their silent glare melted into his divine innocence.

Her blameless eyes traced their way back home,
Not a thing out of place, like her memories brought to life.
She cradled his head in her unwieldy hands,
“We’re home,” she whispered beneath her staggered breath.

Once upon a time, she was but a child,
Unwary as the summer breeze, lost as the flickering lights.
She found her solid ground in his irrevocable love,
Once upon a time, when she brought her baby boy home.



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