The sorceress


The rickety stairwell leading up to the balcony,
Those stained glass walls glaring at me mistrustfully,
Staggering in the dim light of the cressets,
Stumbling into her wroth eyes, her mutilated face and a crooked spine.

Her kinked finger over her twisted grin,
Her face leaning into my jagged breath,
Hissing inches away from my face,
Her bloodthirsty claws out, reaching for my neck.

She swung her wry gnarled hands around,
Mumbling under her malevolent breath,
Her sinister spells reach out to me,
Hurling me against the splintered glass wall.

Crawling back on my feet, blundering down her ominous castle,
I reached for the propitious window by the prison bars.
Clenching my hair in her wizened fist,
She heaved me back to her eldritch chambers.

My eyes caught sight of the dimly lit torch,
Hanging close to my heaving chest,
I seized the heaven-sent scourge in my hand,
Tossing it at her revolting face.

I watched her howling out for help,
Her evil enchantments unavailing.
I stood there staring at her frail body in flames,
I watched the sorceress meet her crowning blow.




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