I bode long enough for them to wriggle their itty-bitty boughs.
I watched them stumble away from me, their lips curled into a smile. … More Ten



The Clyde to my Bonnie, the sandbox to the toddler in me,
A beautiful friendship, much more than what they perceive. … More Sandbox


A juvenile dream buried in the dirt-covered cemetary,
They heard the squelch of the bones rising from the grimy gravestones.
Uncovering a secret so inconceivable,
She trudged down the debauched streets in the dingiest of nights. … More Secrets


The sorceress

Her kinked finger over her twisted grin,
Her face leaning into my jagged breath,
Hissing inches away from my face,
Her bloodthirsty claws out, reaching for my neck. … More The sorceress


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, she was wild as the wind, Drifting with the scathing gale, the bitter winters of her hometown, On the sunnier mornings, riding her fractured pink bike. Once upon a time, she believed she could conquer the world. She glowered at the familiar front-door from a distance, Wondering if she could return … More Once upon a time…


The unbidden wedding

She pictured running her fingers through the silk satin streaming down her waist,
The tulle tickling her bare shoulders as she brushed it away,
Looking at her palms clasped around a bouquet of the redolent peonies,
Shying away from hobbling down the aisle towards a untrodden spirit. … More The unbidden wedding


A prisoner’s dream

I saw his marred face, I could almost feel the blows leading up to the scars, For just a second, caught just a glimpse and I could hear the shackles clanking, His eyes burned into my skin, his gazeĀ bleeding rage, I could sense his thoughts crawling up my back, clinging onto it for life. He … More A prisoner’s dream